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폼텍 레트로 라벨 시리즈 ③ - CD/DVD 라벨

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DVD Label Printing

How to print custom CD, DVD, and BluRay labels with Canon All-in-One printers. To copy a label see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdWzAXKkOL0

The software shown in this video is Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX, version 4.1.5. The printer is an MG8220.

UDATE: Canon is no longer shipping this software with their newer printers, but you can still download it here:

PC version:

Mac version:
Cassie : your voice is calming
Bint Firm 1882 : I need this printer so i can copy original cds artwork to blanc cd, can you do that or is it only the templates? how do copy cd artwork to blanc cd?
Bint Firm 1882 : Will this printer work WITHOUT A PC? I thought it was wifi ran wireless? and if it needs pc would windows 10 work?
JBSptfn : I have had two Canon Printers, but everytime I try to print a disc, it says that there is a paper jam when their isn't one. . That's why I got rid of one of them.
Dennis Tamayo : It won't be used for double-sided DVDs, even if I only buy single-sided recordable DVDs.
Raider Fan : Should you burn your disc first before printing label on it?
nohayamor : found an mp960 printer at a goodwill store but dont see a cd tray anywhere. Does anyone know if it could be hiding in some secret compartment,or where i can purchase one? ebay has nothing when i put cd/dvd tray for mp960
TheSido26 : very big thank you.
joseph keoaka arthur : Can it work with the MAC OSx?
Norman Butler : I can't even find Canon Easy print to progress forward.

Bravo 4100-Series DVD Duplicator

www.primera.com Primera's Bravo 4100-Series DVD Duplicator and Printers are the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world. It takes just six (6) seconds to print each disc with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality. Features include separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), up to 4800 dpi color inkjet printing and feature-rich burn and print software.

- Up to 100-disc capacity
- One high-speed recordable DVD/CD drive
- Color inkjet printing at up to 4800 dpi
- Individual CMYK ink cartridges
paul matthew robinson : Love it
Luis Solano : Add to my buy list
ewdryk : Damn, baby.
newphlmz : Is there an alternative to PTPublisher? That program is finicky
HEAT TRANSFER SUPPLY FL : https://heattransfersupplyfl.com/?olsPage=products%2Fprimera-bravo-4100-replacement-cartridge-chips
Sterling Silver : Could be good for school end of year concert DVDs
Quentin Tyson : Copy protection? Is there a copy protection option?
Semoga Barokah : can use the ink of cmyk printer paper ? or you can give some recomandet other ink. thanks
xpreshun : Do you need white inkjet discs in order to print? Thanks.
Mario P. : Hola, en que lugar lo puedo adquirir en Ecuador, o como puedo hacer para comprarlo y que me lo envíen a Ecuador, me gustaría conocer el costo de suministros cartuchos de tinta y el rendimiento por KIT de cartuchos.




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